Dec 27, 2008

Dilemma *

On the other side
of this fence
a dreadful..... unGodly ..... and inHuman world ....

of people
living in this world
and yet
out of this world ...

of people
who had lost their hearts
and now
their minds too ..

of people
sitting and staring
blankly into a zero ..
eternally ..

of people
screaming to death
at the sight of a human
of fear ... of a human

of people
now stoned to the touch
of ice .... or fire

of people
from statues ..

Beyond this fence
lies the
dreadful..... unGodly ..... and inHuman world ....
of a mental asylum.

And the fear of being
a part of these 'living-dead'
keeps me from falling
to that side
as I watch it ...
barely balancing myself
... here on the fence.

27 Dec, 12 pm, Delhi
(*Dilemma = situation to chose between two equally undesirable options)

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